We helped Morten Frost become pain free

Hi! My name is Morten Frost.

A few months ago, I suddenly experienced severe pain from my lower back area, radiating into my left leg. The pain was so intense, that I could not sleep.

After three days of intense pain, I was referred to the neurosurgeon and the physio behind the newly launched Pocket Spine Doc App. I was evaluated by this new intelligent thinking app, that allocated me into a personalised treatment programme consisting of six videoed home exercises. I started right away, and within a few days my pain got much better, and within a few weeks I was almost pain free.

Now I can again can live an active life and play badminton.

Today I try to keep a healthy spine, and staying pain free by using the preventive exercises and advices you can also find in the Pocket Spine Doc App.

I advise you to go to Google Play or App Store, to the the Pocket Spine Doc App for free.

Morten Frost.