Sciatica pain relief

People suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve, may have difficulty sleeping, standing up or walking, because of the sciatic pain in the leg. In this short article we will show you a few tips and tricks, how to relieve sciatic leg pain. These exercises are particularly effective in people suffering from a hernited disc in the low back. These exercises are also effective for people suffering from spinal stenosis in the low back.


When keeping your back straight, arching the lower back, you can compress the nerves in the lumbar spine. For people suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve, it is often painful to sit up straight. Sitting up straight with a compressed sciatic nerve, because of a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, would be painful as well. In many cases, you would sit much more comfortably, if allowing your self to slouch.

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Standing up straight can be quite painful, when suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. People suffering from a herniated disc in the low back, and people suffering from spinal stenosis, may only be able to stand up straight for very short time, before sciatic leg pain forces them to sit down, or to stoop. We have found it very helpful to teach our patient to stand with one foot raised, for example by placing one foot on a small box, or a chair. This way you decrease pressure on the sciatic nerve, relieving the leg pain.

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Lying flat on your back, or on your stomach, will make your lumbar spine arch. This is what we call a lordosis. This position will be painful, for someone with a pinched sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain from a herniated lumbar disc, or spinal stenosis, will be relieved by minimizing the lordosis. You will find pain relief from putting a cushion, or a rolled up blanket, underneath your knees. People with severe sciatic pain, may find great pain relief from lying on the floor, with their feet up on the couch.

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Some people can only sleep, lying on their stomach. However, this position may be too painful, when suffering fro a pinched sciatic nerve. Placing a cushion underneath your belly or pelvis, will make this position less painful.

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Our mobile phone app, The Pocket Spine Doc App, is designed to identify a suspicion of a compressed nerve root, in your lumbar spine. If you suffer from sciatic pain radiating into your leg, you can download our app for free, from GOOGLE PLAY or iOS APP STORE. The app will conduct a screening process, to identify whether or not a compressed nerve root may be suspected. And if so, it will offer you a few simple exercises to relieve the pain.