Facts and fiction about low back pain?

“Acute back pain will go away quickly!”

This is both fact and fiction… most people experiencing acute back pain, will become pain free. However, research have shown that in more than 50% of those people experiencing back pain, the pain will return again, later in life. Therefore is is important for people experiencing low back pain, to learn what they can do for themself to get rid of the pain, and how to keep their back strong and flexible, to prevent relapse of pain.

“When you have back pain, you should take is easy and avoid strenous physical activity!”

This advice is most often false! At best this advice should only be taken seriously, for the first two or three days with back pain. As soon as the pain allows, you should use your back, and your whole body, as normally as possible. Those people who return to normal daily activity, including work, house keeping, sports and other leisure activity, are those people who gets rid of pain quickly.

“When suffering from low back pain, it’s not safe to participate in running, soccer, badminton, baseball, golf and other types of sport!”

This piece of advice is wrong and harmful! The pain may be so intense, that you are unable to participate in your favourite sport for a while, but very few types of back pain, are so severe that you will have to stay away from sports from the rest of your life. Leisure sports and physical activity is healthy, not just for your back, but also for mental health, cardio-vascular health, muscle function and more.