Do I need surgery for my herniated disc?

Most likely: NO!

A herniated disc the condition where spinal disc material (cartilage) is displaced into the spinal canal. This can occur anywhere in the spine. Herniated disc occur most often in the lumbar spine, compressing the sciatic nerve.

Symptoms are radiating leg pain (sciatica), feeling like electric shock or pain, that become more severe when you stand up straight, go for a walk or when you sit down. Some people feel numbness and muscle weakness in the leg too.

Most patients with newly acquired symptoms, from a lumbar herniated, disc do not require surgery! We know today, that at least 80% will recover during 12 weeks without surgical treatment. The reason for this natural recovery, is the immune systems ability to “remove” the displaced disc material.

During the recovery period, it is advisable to stay active and perform personalized exercises. These exercises will promote healing of the compressed nerve. In other words – personalized exercises can prevent the need for surgery. The exercises are designe to reduce the compression of the nerve, reducing the pain. Exercises stimulates the blood supply, assisting the healing of the injury, so you can return to normal life as soon as possible.

The free Pocket Spine Doc App, is developed to help you. The app will perform a screening test, based on 16 question that you answer in the app. Based on specific details in your condition, the app will provide you with a personalised exercise programme, to reduce your low back pain and sciatic leg pain.

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